How to Obtain your Dual-Usage License Key for Dynamics 365 for Enterprise

Back in the days of Dynamics CRM 2016 and earlier, one of the major benefits of opting towards an Online subscription versus an On-Premise license was the Dual-Usage rights granted to your organisation. This meant that, so long as your On-Premise Server installation was licensed, your individual Online User CAL's would also be licensed like [...]

Using SQL Server Functions to Simplify Option Set Label Retrieval (Dynamics 365 for Enterprise Data Export Service)

When you have spent any length of time working with Dynamics CRM Online/Dynamics 365 for Enterprise (D365E) data programmatically, you become accustomed to how Option Set, State and Status Reason values are presented to you in code. To explain, the application does not store your Option Set value display names within the SQL Server Entity [...]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Export Service: Review

Although CRM Online/Dynamics 365 for Enterprise (D365E) does provide a plethora of different tools aimed at satisfying reporting requirements for users of the application, you are restricted in how data can be queried within the application. For example, you cannot just connect straight up to the applications SQL database and start writing stored procedures that perform complex [...]

3 Things To Watch Out For When Upgrading to Dynamics 365 for Enterprise

As I tweeted a couple of days ago, my head has been spinning with Dynamics 365 for Enterprise (D365E) recently 🙂 : I took a detailed look at the upgrade process involved as part CRM Online organisations last year, and thankfully the process has not changed much. Indeed, the whole upgrade seemed to complete [...]

More Adventures in Pre-Filtering Customer Lookup Fields (Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 for Enterprise)

When working with form-level JScript functionality on Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 for Enterprise (D365E), you often uncover some interesting pieces of exposed functionality that can be utilised neatly for a specific business scenario. I did a blog post last year on arguably one of the best of these functions when working with Lookup field controls - [...]