Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-011 and the Group Policy Fix You May Have Missed

On February 10th 2015, Microsoft published Security Bulletin MS15-011, which detailed a recently discovered critical flaw in every major version of Windows from Server 2003 right the way through to Windows 8.1. The flaw, relating to how Group Policy handles data, potentially allows: ...remote code execution if an attacker convinces a user with a domain-configured [...]

Resolving “We can’t activate Windows on this device right now” Error on Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Guest

The rise in virtualisation within IT has profoundly altered the landscape of how servers and applications are deployed across the globe. Whereas in the past you would need to rely on multiple, physical hardware servers, you can now achieve similar levels of performance via the use of a single hardware server with virtualised versions of [...]

Upgrading to Windows Server 2016 from Windows Server 2012 R2

I was rather surprised to see, when browsing through the software options available to MSDN subscribers, that a non-preview version of Windows Server 2016 was available to download. Further investigation proved that Windows Server had been quietly released in the middle of October, something which I made reference to as part of a previous post on Ignite 2016. For [...]