2 thoughts on “The Ever Changing Face of CRM: 6 Dynamics CRM Focused Acquisitions

  1. an interesting article again but Project Service is not listed? granted it utilises many of the similar framework for Field Service yet the PS solution allows businesses to move into project phase after completed sales and prior to field service…

    plus the very recent announcement regarding Adobe Marketing Cloud…

    • The CRM Chap on 3rd October 2016 at 10:31 am said:

      Hi hostis,

      Thanks for your comments. On the research I did for this post, there looks to be some conflicting information relating to the “genesis” of Project Service, which is why I deliberately sidestepped it as part of the post. Some people online seem to be saying that it was all developed internally by Microsoft, however there were a number of acquisitions made last year for products that look to offer similar functionality. Sources for this are as follows:


      If you, or anyone else, is able to point to something concrete on this, then let me know. Regardless, Project Service is a significant development for CRM/Dynamics 365, and it will be interesting to see how this develops in the months and years ahead.

      The Adobe Marketing Cloud announcement is something that I am currently digesting and will be discussing further as part of a future blog post 🙂 . Suffice to say, the news looks to present some major challenges for organisations who are currently using Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM), as there is currently no concrete info as part of the announcement regarding the future of this product.



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