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Hello and good day to you! Why don’t you pull up a chair and have a spot of tea whilst I take you through the world of Microsoft cloud technologies? Use the slider below to navigate through some of my recent posts or you can even search through my entire post history. What fun! Still can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to drop me a note and I would be more than happy to assist.

Xrm.Page Object Deprecation: Check your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement JScript

Feature deprecations can often cause some degree of disruption, especially if they involve custom code. Microsoft has recently deprecated the Xrm.Page object for JScript form functions in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Find out more about this change and what you will need to do to fix this as part of this week's blog post.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Connector Confusion with Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory V2 not just has 1, but three separate connectors that all claim to hook up to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/Dynamics CRM! So which connector is the "right" one to use and what differences do they have? With a little help from Alan Partridge, we can clear up any confusion...

Validating Azure Resource Templates within an Azure Build Pipeline

Validating your Azure templates manually can be a challenging task to complete at scale. Fortunately, with the functionality available within Azure Pipelines, this entire process can be fully automated. This post will show you just how easy it is to implement automatic validation an deployment of your Azure templates within a CI process.

How to Define Streaming Units for Microsoft.StreamAnalytics/streamingjobs Resource

When working with Azure templates for the first time, there's always a risk of misconfiguring a setting. All fine when testing, until you realise you have been charged an unexpected amount on your credit card. In this post, I provide an example of this in practice when working with Stream Analytic Job resources.

Working with Variables in an Azure DevOps Release Pipeline

Working with variables within your Azure DevOps Pipeline can give you a high degree of latitude when planning your software deployments. When utilised as release variables, additional functionality is exposed, allowing you to alter the conditional flow within your pipeline dramatically. In this week's post, we'll find out how to use them in practice.

App Service Application Settings and Azure Resource Template Deployments

It's essential to understand the precise behaviour your Azure templates will have when deployed, to avoid any unexpected issues or even data loss that could occur. This week's post will explore an example of why this is so important, involving Azure App Service application settings.

Team Board/Backlog Not Showing Sub-Area Work Items (Azure DevOps)

Getting your Azure Board backlog working correctly may require some tinkering, particularly if you decide to take advantage of certain features after you have begun using the application. In this post, I'll show you how to get the Team Board/Backlog configured to show work items from all sub-areas within your project.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Web API, Power BI & FetchXML Revisited

A few years ago on the blog, we saw how it was possible to utilise Fetch XML queries within Power BI. Things have moved on since then and, thanks to the awesome Dynamics community, there is now a way of getting around the issues highlighted in the original post...

Cannot Provision Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing License via CSP

Provisioning licenses as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider can be tricky sometimes, as you attempt to match the correct add-on subscription to its appropriate "parent" subscription. In this post, we'll see an example of this in practice when trying to provision a Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business Audio Conferencing license.

Ranking Categories within Power BI Datasets (DAX)

Depending on the type of data being worked with within Power BI, you may find yourself unable to leverage Power Query to perform any data transformation required. In this scenario, such as when working with Streaming Analytic Power BI datasets, DAX can come to the rescue, and we'll see how in this post.

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My name is Joe Griffin, and I am an IT Project Manager/Consultant, based in the North West of England. I hold various Microsoft certifications in Dynamics CRM/365 Customer Engagement, Power BI and SQL Server and am also a PRINCE2 Project Manager and Agile Practitioner. I have a broad knowledge of working with and managing projects involving Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Azure, Power BI, .NET and other technologies within the Microsoft cloud stack. During this time I have developed a keen interest in coding, and love working with Transact-SQL, JScript, PowerShell, DAX & C#. Thanks to my previous experience, I have practical knowledge operating within the energy efficiency, managed services, retail, print & direct mail and utility sectors.

The CRM Chap is my second attempt at maintaining a regular blog. My previous blog, which focuses on providing a retrospective view on popular culture items, can be found here.

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