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The Return of the Developer Exam: Evaluating Microsoft Exam MB-400

Developers typically get the short end of the stick in lots of things, and consistent learning tools is one area I’d highlight, particularly in the Dynamics 365 space. Fortunately, this no longer appears to be the case, thanks to the release of exam MB-400.

Overview of Microsoft Azure App Service Managed Certificates

A common gripe concerning Microsoft Azure App Service is the fact that you must pay an additional cost to deploy a TLS certificate. Fortunately, this concern is now a thing of the past, thanks to the introduction of the App Service Managed Certificate preview feature.

Lessons Learned from Migrating Azure CSP Subscriptions Across Multiple Tenants

A few weeks ago, I did a post on the process involved when migrating Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) subscriptions across tenants. Having done some actual work relating to this since then (shock horror!), I thought I'd follow up with a new post, sharing some additional thoughts and lessons learned.

Getting Started with the Dynamics 365 Sales Business Card Scanner

The wave 2 release for Dynamics 365 Sales brings to the table a lot of cool new functionality, especially in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Business Card Scanner feature, enabling you to quickly scan and save business cards as a new Lead or Contact read, is the cornerstone of this and requires a little bit of thinking about from a deployment perspective.

Implementing a Custom Pricing Engine Within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Custom pricing is an invaluable feature within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, that can be used to fine-tune your sales processes. If you're interested in finding out more about them, then my latest tutorial video is for you - find out more in this post!

Dealing with “FailoverGroupCreateOrUpdateRequestReadOnlyPropertyModified” Errors in a Azure Resource Manager Template Deployments

Microsoft Azure can throw up all sorts of different error messages when creating and updating resources. Typically, it will be straightforward to resolve these, with the exception of one I recently had to deal with involving Azure SQL Server failover groups…

Resolving ‘Unable to parse language expression’ Error in Azure Data Factory V2

One of the best things about Azure Data Factory is its ability to incorporate continuous integration and automated deployments quickly alongside your solution. However, if you’re working with SQL Server data sources and are using square brackets to interact with tables, then you may be in for a bumpy ride…

Moving Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Subscriptions to Another Tenant

Moving Azure subscriptions across multiple tenants is usually a doddle. I say “usually” because, recently, I hit a bit of brick wall when figuring out to move a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) subscription, with there being no obvious way of achieving this simple task.

Working with Mark-ups/Discounts in Project Service Automation (V3.x)

Project Service Automation (PSA) can be a beast when first approached. The application contains a breadth of functionality which is not always properly documented and can be challenging to figure out. To find proof of this assertion, we only need to look at how price list mark-ups and discounts operate.

Getting Started with SQL Server Change Tracking

I’ve worked with SQL Server for several years now, and I am continually amazed at its capabilities, Recently, my work in this area has focused on the products change tracking feature, a nifty tool that can assist you in monitoring how your data evolves.

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