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Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Implementing Client-Side Scripting on Model Driven Power Apps

For the first time in the series about Microsoft exam PL-400, we’re going to look at our first code related topic - writing client-side scripts using JavaScript. This underpins the importance of leveraging functional solutions, wherever possible, to ensure you build out the most effective Power Platform solution.

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Implementing Business Process Flows and Business Rules

As well as having a good awareness of Power Automate flows, Power Platform developers also need to grasp two additional automation tools - Business Process Flows and Business Rules. As we continue my PL-400 exam series, let's dive in to see what these tools can offer us.

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Working with Power Automate Flows

Power Automate is perhaps one of the most effective tools we have in our arsenal as Power Platform developers. Understanding how they work and to best leverage them is crucial for the PL-400 exam, so let's dive in and see what they are all about

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Managing and Troubleshooting a Power App

The great joy about the Power Platform is the ability to build apps quickly. However, making great, high performant apps is an entirely different matter. As we continue my PL-400 exam blog series, find out more about the tools to support us in this objective.

‘Exception calling “AcquireToken with “4” argument(s)” Error with Add-PowerAppsAccount PowerShell Cmdlet

Missing the bleeding obvious can be a common occurrence in the world of IT sometimes. However, this can sometimes emerge from the best of intentions, such as when I was recently battling to get some Power Platform PowerShell modules working with PowerShell 7...

Where’s the Create Order Button on my Active Quote records? (Dynamics 365 Sales Professional)

A notable aspect of a platform like Dynamics 365 is that it caters for organisations of any size. However, keep in mind that not all the various applications behave the same, and you may get caught out by issues like buttons not appearing where you expect them to be…

What’s the Deal With Power Fx?

For years, saying "the canvas Power App formula language" has been a mainstay and umbrage for those working with the Power Platform. For reasons unrelated to this, we can rejoice as we can now use Microsoft Power Fx to describe this instead. Read on to find out more.

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Working with Canvas Apps

Canvas Power Apps are the second type of apps Power Platform developers must be aware of. They can negate the need to build bespoke apps using code by allowing us to construct highly customisable, task-driven applications. Find out more as we continue my series all about exam PL-400!

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Working with Model-Driven Power Apps

There's an important distinction to make between the two flavours of Power Apps available to us. Both have different feature sets and are built for specific usage scenarios. As we continue my series on exam PL-400, we now look at the first type of Power Apps - model-driven.

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Implementing Security within Microsoft Dataverse

When first working with the security model within Microsoft Dataverse, you can often struggle to understand and appreciate the functionality on offer. As I continue my series focused on exam PL-400, we now have an opportunity to discuss these topics in more detail.

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