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Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Using Solutions to implement Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Capabilities

As we continue my blog series all about Microsoft exam PL-400, we now turn to look at solutions and the various application lifecycle management (ALM) capabilities within the Power Platform, all of which can help us deliver more rapid, effective solutions. Read on to find out more!

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Reviewing Power Platform Extensibility Points

Extensibility is one of the main advantages of the Power Platform and an area that Microsoft expects you to understand when tackling exam PL-400. As such, it's the focus of this next post in my revision notes series, as we round off our discussion concerning the first exam area.

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Designing Solution Components within the Power Platform

We're back with the second post in my new series all about exam PL-400. In this post, we will take a high-level look at some of the critical components to consider when designing a solution targeting the Power Platform.

Exam PL-400 Revision Notes: Designing a Technical Architecture for the Power Platform

PL-400 is now officially upon us, having been released from beta a few weeks ago. With this in mind, now is as good a time as any to kick off a new blog series, dedicated to providing a set of revision notes for the exam. In the first post, we look at how to validate requirements and design a technical architecture using the Power Platform.

New Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Certifications Overview: Welcome Back CRM & ERP!

This year has seen a lot of changes when it comes to the exams available for the Power Platform and Dynamics 365. So it's perhaps unsurprising that we close out the year with news about not one, but two, new Fundamentals exams, targeting Dynamics 365 specifically.

Using Power Automate to Generate Dynamic Tabular Data Within Adaptive Cards

Like me, you may have heard of Adaptive Cards, but not really understood how they work. Courtesy of the Virtual Power Group, I found a great excuse to dip into them and wanted to show how to use them in Power Automate flows to generate variable, tabular data.

Announcing a New Limited Time Power Apps Licensing Offer for 2020/2021!

Often, the biggest challenge you face when convincing a business to adopt a solution like Power Apps is the cost. So it's great to see that Microsoft has announced a new limited-time pricing offer, which offers HUGE discounts on the list prices for all Power Apps licenses...

Understanding Table Distribution & Index Types in Azure Synapse Analytics

Getting your head around Azure Synapse Analytics can be challenging, even for the most seasoned SQL Server professional. With that in mind, this blog post will jump into the two concepts that you need to understand - table distribution and index types.

Environment Variables in Microsoft Power Automate Revisited

A few weeks ago, we took a look at Environment Variables and used a pattern within Power Automate that was less than ideal. In this post, we will revisit this subject to find out what was wrong and how to go about doing things in a better way.

My Thoughts on the Common Data Service Terminology Changes

More changes are afoot in the Power Platform! And this time around, not even the commonest terms within the Common Data Service are safe from being replaced with something entirely different...

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