Featured image of post Announcing a New Limited Time Power Apps Licensing Offer for 2020/2021!

Announcing a New Limited Time Power Apps Licensing Offer for 2020/2021!

We all like a good deal at the end of the day, regardless of what we are purchasing. So it was great to hear about a new, limited-time pricing offer from Microsoft concerning Power Apps this week, which provides some significant discounts to the standard, Microsoft direct list prices. Here’s a rundown of what’s on offer:

  • Per app plan:
    • Purpose: Allows organisations to license individual apps to groups of users, while also having access to capabilities such as Microsoft Dataverse and Power Automate.
    • Normal Price: $10/user/app/month
    • Discounted Price: $3/user/app/month
  • Per user plan:
    • Purpose: For situations where organisations are running many different apps, and need a streamlined license that provides for unlimited app capacity on a tenant and enhanced storage options within Microsoft Dataverse
    • Normal Price: $40/user/month
    • Discounted Price: $12/user/month

That represents a whopping seventy percent (70%) discount - Christmas has come early it seems! Now, before you get too excited, be sure to keep in mind the following terms & conditions with the offer:

  • The offer will remain valid between December 1st through to June 2021.
  • Only customers buying licenses via a volume licensing or Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) partner will be able to take advantage of the reduced price.
  • Both offers are subject to a minimum purchase. For the per-app plan, customers must purchase 200 licenses; for the per-user plan, 5,000 licenses must be ordered.

For volume licensing customers on Enterprise Agreements, this represents an excellent opportunity for you to secure licenses for one of today’s premier low-code, business application development platforms and to hold these prices over several years. Unfortunately, CSP agreements typically last for a maximum of 1 year, so it won’t be possible to secure this discounted rate for longer than this if you’re transacting directly with a partner. Regardless, there is still a great opportunity here for your organisation to save money and take advantage of some of the various capabilities within the Power Platform.

Have any questions about this offer? Please let me know in the comments below. 😀

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